This vixen had been hit by a car the previous evening and picked up and put in a stable overnight. As she had survived, the finder called us and we collected her with a head tilt and unwilling to stand. The short trip to the St. Ives Vets found her already improving, probably due to the warmth in the car. The vet felt she could be released that evening if she continued to improve through the rest of the day and we took her to the barn to rest in a quiet pen. Unfortunately, Vikki had other ideas and once in the pen tried to frantically find an escape route. When she refused to settle and being really concerned she would injure herself, we decided to return and release her immediately. We took her to a field, next to where she’d been found and opened the carrier – she took off across the field with no sign of distress so we left her to find her own way. Two hours later the phone rang… Vikki had been found back out on the road, picked up and taken to the vets! This time, although she seemed quite normal at the vets, we took no chances and she was returned to the barn for a few days to hopefully recover fully. She really was desperate to get out and when released, late at night, shot away like a missile. Thankfully we had no more phone calls!