At the request of the RSPCA, we attended a report of a baby badger seen in a residential road, hiding under an upturned canoe! Well it wasn’t an April Fool joke, there really was a baby badger, under a canoe, in broad daylight, in St. Ives. Once we’d prised it out of it’s hidey hole and into a carrier, we could see the cub was only about 10 weeks old and should be home, underground with Mum. The problem was that there are at least three setts local to this road and if the cub was returned to the wrong one, it would be in danger of being attacked as an intruder. The cub was very stressed and we got it into care with a warm bed to settle. Poor little boy had sore pads and worn claws as if he’d been running or scrabbling on a hard surface or possibly the road. If only they could talk! Luckily no other problem arose and Jester soon bounced back , enjoying his bottle feeds and playing with his teddy. As soon as possible Jester underwent testing for Bovine TB and internal parasites, necessary to allow his transfer to Secret World Wildlife Rescue. He needed the company of other young badgers to socialise with, a single cub is at risk of becoming imprinted on human company. With the all clear from any infections, Jester travelled to Somerset on 27th April to begin the process of rehabilitation back to the wild.