At the request of the RSPCA we attended a fox at St. Buryan, in a garden unwilling to move away from householder. Foxes are normally very difficult to capture, but this one allowed itself to be grasped and caged quite easily which is very concerning. We took him to St. Ives Vets for an examination, expecting bad news, but apart from being underweight, only 3.8kg, no injuries were found. With a covering antibiotic for any underlying infection, we took him to the barn to be monitored in care. Jenson did improve over the next few days, eating and drinking well which helped him gain weight. As his condition improved, Jenson did become a little more wary of humans which was a relief for his future safety. We arranged to return him to the garden where he’d been found, the householder was happy to keep an eye out for him. Apparently, Jenson was being fed by some of the local people which explained his relaxed manner, we would advise to feed wildlife without their knowing who provides it as ‘tame’ wildlife is at greater risk of human harm, sadly. Jenson was returned and released on the night of April 11th.