A night report of an RTA badger near Helston saw us driving to collect it. The caller very kindly stayed with the casualty until we arrived. The badger had come round and had staggered along the road, this is why we ask the finders to stay, if possible, as we may not find the animal if it manages to move away. This time we caught and caged the badger easily, it was very groggy, before heading to Truro to the out of hours CVETS for emergency care. As expected, the badger had head trauma from a collision and grazing on the fore-legs. It was an adult sow, weighed 7.8kg and received pain-relief and antibiotic cover before we transported her to the barn for her condition to be monitored in care. Happily Indie responded well to treatment and quickly recovered her mobility and a good appetite. On April 11th, we returned her to Boskenwyn late in the evening and released her in a gateway. Indie took a sniff of the air before trotting off into the night and disappeared from sight.