This small badger cub was spotted by a dog walker on the beach, where a small land slip had damaged a sett. Hoping it would find it’s way back underground, the walker left the cub alone. Seeing the cub again the next day and realising there must be a problem, the call for assistance was made. We were unable to attend immediately due to commitments, but Caroline of Finnegans Rainbow kindly stepped in to pick up the cub. We later collected the cub, a seven week old male that was very hungry and loaded with fleas! Happily, little Mikey soon recovered from his ordeal and once he’d gained some weight and condition could undergo a blood test to check for Bovine TB. With a Negative result and no parasite problems, Mikey was fit to travel to Secret World Wildlife Rescue with Jester and the two fox cubs Flash and Kernow, on April 27th, for rehabilitation back to the wild.