A badger had been hanging around a property for a few days but outstayed it’s welcome when it killed a chicken. After shutting the badger in a stable, we were called to remove the offender. On arrival we could see an extensive bite wound on the badgers rump, injured badgers will often find a quiet spot to lie low while their wounds heal which explained it’s presence at the property. Sadly, the hen would have been seen as an easy meal. This adult male was quickly caged and transported to the St. Ives Vets where he was sedated to allow the wound to be cleaned and given antibiotics and pain relief before being settled into a pen at the barn. It took over three weeks for the damage to heal but Levi was quite content with a comfy hay bed and regular meals! While he wasn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms, the landowner did give us permission to release Levi in the field next to the yard. On May 4th we returned and to the relief of everyone, he ran along a badger run heading away from the buildings and disappeared into the dark.