A small badger cub, out during the day, was reported when spotted on the range of the Archery Club and holding up the members practice session! It was a glorious summer day, to see a badger out in bright sunlight seemed a little surreal – but it was trying to forage on the short grass of the range. When approached, the cub fluffed up its coat and tried to look fierce, but with a flick of the wrist easily caught in a net. A dead adult had been found on the road recently, thought to be the mother and a check of the grounds found a single entrance hole in the bank, more of a bolthole than a main sett. Lower ranking females do tend to rear cubs in outlying setts and we think thats what happened here. Although old enough to be weaned the cub was still to young to cope alone and hunger was driving its unusual behaviour. It was a female, underweight at only 1.8kg, exhausted and full of fleas but with no injuries. After a few days recovery little Robin was well enough for the necessary tests to rule out infection of Bovine TB, which proved Negative, then treated for coccidea and worms to enable her transfer to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to continue rehabilitation.