A call came in from a farm at Constantine where a badger cub had been found, first thing in the morning, struggling in a ‘swimming’ motion as unable to regain its feet. The weather was dreadful, raining down in torrents and the cub was very wet and cold so the they bundled it up in a rug and sheltered it in the car. This action probably saved the cubs life and after we rendezvoused, the cub was rushed to CVETS, the out of hours centre, as we feared the worst for him. The exam found no sign of RTA injury, he was still unsteady trying to stand but the vet thought it was due to weakness and after receiving sub-cut fluids, we brought him back to monitor in care. Once dry and warmed up, Little John, ( at 2.7kg, he was the biggest of the cubs in care), was able to eat with assistance some of the a/d diet we use for poorly/weak casualties. Happily, Little John soon recovered his strength and was able to tested for Bovine TB – Negative – and only a routine wormer was needed to enable his transfer to Secret World Wildlife Rescue for rehabilitation.