Bumble was found collapsed above ground and taken to the Head & Head Vets at Helston. She was dehydrated but thankfully had no injuries so we were able to collect her to monitor her in care. At only 1.2 kg she was much smaller than the other cubs in care, either a late born or a runt cub. With careful rehydration and then gentle feeding little Bumble regained her strength, so was able to be tested for Bovine TB and parasites a few days later, to allow her transfer to Secret World if clear. Happily the blood test proved Negative for TB and Bumble only needed a routine wormer before moving on to Somerset. The plan was for this group of cubs to stay together and become a badger family when finally returned to the wild. We introduced Bumble to Little John so she would have a friend from the beginning – being the smallest she may be glad of his company. The two cubs were soon happily snuggled up together! On the 4th July all five badgers and Will Scarlet the fox cub made the trip to Somerset to start their way back to freedom.