The first orphan this year arrived in our care via the RSPCA. A tiny cub had been found lying beside her mothers body, cold, frightened and crying piteously by a driver that stopped to move the dead badger out of the path of traffic. The RSPCA were called and collected the baby which needed to be hand reared. We were happy to help, having the facilities to deal with very young animals, so the officer brought it to us. The badger was female, approx. three weeks old, with eyes tightly closed and a sparse coat. The brooder was ready and waiting, the baby soon snuggled into soft bedding and gently warming up. Bruises from being dropped by her mother during the collision were appearing on the tender skin along with scratches and scrapes but a vet check found no other damage. It was amazing that she had survived at all and our role as surrogate mum began. Vogue, named after the village where she’d been found, soon learnt to bottle feed and gradually put on weight. After two weeks, her eyes had began to open and she was getting more mobile. It was time to leave the confines of the brooder and into a larger cage, with a heat-pad for comfort and a teddy bear for company. Being so young meant there was a danger of Vogue becoming ‘imprinted’ on her human carers and she really needed the company of other badger cubs to prevent this. Secret World Wildlife Rescue also had a lonely badger cub so arrangements were made for Vogue to transfer into their care. This would allow the cubs to be rehabilitated together for a future return to a wild life. While it’s always sad to say goodbye to ‘our’ babies this really is giving them the best chance of becoming wild animals once again. So on March 19th, Vogue was transported to Somerset to begin the next stage of her journey back to freedom.