We were asked to help when a badger was found sharing a bed of hay with a pet rabbit. It had slept there for three days, ignoring the open door left for it to exit. We attended, to be honest, rather concerned for the safety of the bunny, but on arrival were met by a beautiful giant rabbit quite unconcerned by the presence of the badger. There were several bite wounds to the rump and fore leg and damage to it’s head so once caught and caged we drove on to the out-of-hours centre, CVETS. Under sedation those wounds could be better assessed and the front leg and rump had infected bites from fighting another badger, the facial damage seemed to be the result of being dragged on the road probably by a vehicle. The chin and left cheek were grazed and a piece of the left side lip torn away with hair loss on that side. It’s not unusual to see badgers fall victim to traffic while suffering from earlier injuries and that’s what had happened in this case. Otherwise this male badger was in reasonable condition with good teeth and weighed 7.15kg. Given antibiotic cover and pain relief then we could bring him back to the barn to recover. Two weeks later and Bisto was a different animal, he’d responded well to treatment, his wounds had healed and he’d gained weight. It was time for him to go free and we were able to release him on a badger run, that led away from the garden where he’d been found, on April 25th.