Two tiny kittens found alone in the countryside were handed over to the RSPCA when it finally dawned on the finder that all was not as first seemed. The ‘kittens’ were actually fox cubs that urgently needed to come into care. The fox brothers were approx. three weeks old, weighed 275g and 300g, their eyes had opened and needle sharp teeth just emerged, their foxy good looks somewhat marred by the dried faeces matted into their coats and generally were in poor condition. After a vet check, a gentle sponge bath and with ticks removed the twins soon looked (and smelled!), much better. Fox cubs progress quickly and these were more than happy to try solid food, gnawing on Farley’s rusks with those pointy teeth and lapping puppy food mashed into milk. The pair went from strength to strength and before long it was time for the next stage of rehabilitation and for us to say goodbye. The team at Secret World had offered to take them, the facilities in Somerset are so much better and with other foxes to socialise with meant Ted and Todd would have the best chance of a successful return to the wild. Arrangements made and Ted and Tod travelled to Somerset along with Casper, the badger cub on April 23rd.