Two small badger cubs, found on the roadside huddled against their mothers dead body were handed into the RSPCA. They were relayed down to Truro and we met at CVETS, the out-of-hours vet centre, where the cubs had a health check before we brought them home. Neither cub had any injuries but both had an horrific amount of fleas, lice and other crawlies that we couldn’t identify-yuk- we’ve seen a lot of parasites in our time but these are the worst (so far!).Unsurprisingly, due to the stress of recent events, neither cub showed any interest in taking a feed, so once treated for fleas they were settled into a warm cage and given time to calm and rest. The orphans were much happier once warmer and cleaner and we could persuade them to try a bottle of Esbilac milk. At approx. seven weeks old the smaller female, Itchy, weighed – 1.044kg and her brother, Scratchy, – 1.115kg. They were ravenous and soon feeding with gusto, it was time to try some solid food. Custard cream biscuits were a favourite but not really a balanced diet! The necessary blood samples were tested for Bovine Tb and proved NEGATIVE and they only required a routine wormer to be fit for transfer to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to be rehabilitated back to a life in the wild on May 14th.