This pair of foundling foxcubs
had been found living behind a stack of wooden pallets on a farm. With no sign
of the vixen returning after 24 hours, they were collected by the RSPCA who
kindly delivered them to us. They were approx. 4 weeks old and very hungry, far
too young to manage without Mum. They quickly settled, Nasha (female), who
loved to bite and Nosha (male), who loved to eat, both very beautiful. The
hardest part for us humans is keeping our distance, not cuddling or even
talking to these adorable foxcubs to
prevent ‘imprinting’, but having each other for company helped to make this
easier. Once weaning was well established it was time for them to move on and
Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre kindly offered to take them and as the
facilities there are much better for long-term rehabilitation than our fox
enclosure, (it would be late summer before they would be ready for release), we
gratefully accepted.