We received a call regarding a
pet fox that needed rehoming after the ‘owner’ had a change of heart. Thanks to
advice from the ranger at Feadon Farm, which convinced him to let the cub have
a chance of rehabilitation, we were able to acquire it. Not sure what to
expect, we drove to the arranged meeting at the Red Lion to find the cub had
been left behind the bar for collection! Not a usual scenario but at least the
fox came equipped with it’s bottle and milk powder, making the change of enviroment
a little easier for the cub – hats off to the chap doing the right thing for
the fox’s sake. Little Leonie was believed to be six weeks old but looked
younger, she had been ready for solid food for some time and the milk diet had
not been adequate for growth. One of the pitfalls of looking like a cute puppy
is being treated as one but foxes develop much earlier than dogs. Her coat was
in poor condition and hair loss on the tail added to her lion-like appearance.
Happily a vet check found no major problems and apart from a precautionary
mange treatment due to her coat condition, required basic care. Leonie
responded well, gaining weight and condition, which allowed her to transfer to
Secret World on May 11th as she needed the company of other foxes to help her
forget being a pet and revert to natural wild behaviour.