Bunny the badger cub arrived
on Easter Sunday after being spotted by a caring motorist who took the trouble
to stop, pick up and take him to CVETS, the out of hours service. At only 5
weeks old, little Bunny should not have been above ground, much less be out
during the day so we checked the area in case other cubs were in trouble or an
injured mother be in the vicinity but found nothing. Luckily, the cub had no
injuries and only required flea treatment before we were able to take him home
and he was soon snuggled up with a heat pad in his bedding and a teddy for
company. Once persuaded to feed from a bottle, little Bunny made good progress
and he could have the blood and faecal samples taken to check for Bovine Tb and
any parasites present. These proved to be NEGATIVE allowing arrangements to be
made for a transfer to Secret World where Bunny would have rehabilitation with
other badgers for a return to a life in the wild. On April 29th, Bunny, along
with the fox cubs Nosha and Nasha, travelled to Somerset to begin this process.