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Piran, Perranworthal. March 3rd

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:23:47

Found taking refuge
behind a garden shed, this adult male badger had bite wounds on the rump. These
required veterinary treatment and he was given antibiotic and pain-relief
before coming into care. He responded well and given time to recouperate at the
Rescue allowed Piran to heal before being returned and released two weeks later

Ringo, Holywell. March 15th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:23:14

The RSPCA collected a dazed
badger found on the beach in some distress. We were able to offer him a place
at the Rescue to recover. Ringo had a digestive upset, possibly he’d found and
eaten something on the beach of a toxic nature. Luckily with supportive care
and a bland diet, a return to good health was quickly accomplished. He stayed a
few days longer than necessary due to awful weather but was returned and
released on the 29th March.

NASHA and NOSHA,Launceston. April 17th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:22:46

This pair of foundling foxcubs
had been found living behind a stack of wooden pallets on a farm. With no sign
of the vixen returning after 24 hours, they were collected by the RSPCA who
kindly delivered them to us. They were approx. 4 weeks old and very hungry, far
too young to manage without Mum. They quickly settled, Nasha (female), who
loved to bite and Nosha (male), who loved to eat, both very beautiful. The
hardest part for us humans is keeping our distance, not cuddling or even
talking to these adorable foxcubs to
prevent ‘imprinting’, but having each other for company helped to make this
easier. Once weaning was well established it was time for them to move on and
Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre kindly offered to take them and as the
facilities there are much better for long-term rehabilitation than our fox
enclosure, (it would be late summer before they would be ready for release), we
gratefully accepted.

Bunny, Malpas. April 20th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:22:09

Bunny the badger cub arrived
on Easter Sunday after being spotted by a caring motorist who took the trouble
to stop, pick up and take him to CVETS, the out of hours service. At only 5
weeks old, little Bunny should not have been above ground, much less be out
during the day so we checked the area in case other cubs were in trouble or an
injured mother be in the vicinity but found nothing. Luckily, the cub had no
injuries and only required flea treatment before we were able to take him home
and he was soon snuggled up with a heat pad in his bedding and a teddy for
company. Once persuaded to feed from a bottle, little Bunny made good progress
and he could have the blood and faecal samples taken to check for Bovine Tb and
any parasites present. These proved to be NEGATIVE allowing arrangements to be
made for a transfer to Secret World where Bunny would have rehabilitation with
other badgers for a return to a life in the wild. On April 29th, Bunny, along
with the fox cubs Nosha and Nasha, travelled to Somerset to begin this process.

Big Spot, Little Spot, Brownie & Li’l Brown,Zennor. April 26th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:21:31

A rabbits’ nest was
accidently disturbed whilst gardening and despite attempts made to restore it,
sadly the mother did not return to her babies. This would be our first attempt
at handrearing bunnies and happily they thrived and before long were able to
fend for themselves. A surprisingly sad wrench when the time came to release
them in a nearby sheltered hedgerow on May 13th.

Leonie, St.Columb Major. April 30th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:20:47

We received a call regarding a
pet fox that needed rehoming after the ‘owner’ had a change of heart. Thanks to
advice from the ranger at Feadon Farm, which convinced him to let the cub have
a chance of rehabilitation, we were able to acquire it. Not sure what to
expect, we drove to the arranged meeting at the Red Lion to find the cub had
been left behind the bar for collection! Not a usual scenario but at least the
fox came equipped with it’s bottle and milk powder, making the change of enviroment
a little easier for the cub – hats off to the chap doing the right thing for
the fox’s sake. Little Leonie was believed to be six weeks old but looked
younger, she had been ready for solid food for some time and the milk diet had
not been adequate for growth. One of the pitfalls of looking like a cute puppy
is being treated as one but foxes develop much earlier than dogs. Her coat was
in poor condition and hair loss on the tail added to her lion-like appearance.
Happily a vet check found no major problems and apart from a precautionary
mange treatment due to her coat condition, required basic care. Leonie
responded well, gaining weight and condition, which allowed her to transfer to
Secret World on May 11th as she needed the company of other foxes to help her
forget being a pet and revert to natural wild behaviour.

Big Bun, Truro. May 2nd.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:20:13

An injured baby rabbit had
been handed in to CVETS after being found on a the side of a road. He had
suffered scratches and abrasions to the rump but seemed quite bright so with
antibiotics and a clean up was able to come into care. Big Bun arrived shortly
after the four Zennor bunnies but was housed seperately in case of disease.
Myxamatosis is still a major cause of rabbit mortality in the countryside so we
erred on the side of caution. Happily, Big Bun made a quick recovery with his
wounds healing well and he was released along with the Zennor family.

Mr H, Portreath. May 19th.

Rescues 2014 Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 11:19:40

This handsome hedgehog had
been in the care of rangers at Feadon Farm, having a cut on the face that was
now almost healed. He tranferred to the Rescue to be released once the scab had
completely dried as flies could otherwise cause problems. After a short spell
in a garden pen, Mr.H was ready for release but refused to leave the comfort of
his house until June 12th when quite typically he was not seen again!

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