A regularly fed badger had been seen with a facial wound when it arrived for it’s nightly meal. As the problem had not resolved after a few days, it was arranged to attempt trapping the badger to get it treated. The trap was baited and set, while we sat and waited indoors. Luckily, the badger did not keep us waiting too long, the lure of an easy snack was irresistable, enabling a quick capture. The badger had a rather nasty looking bite-wound on the rump, as well as the wound on its cheek, so a trip to the vets was arranged immediately. Under sedation, the wounds were cleaned and the badger needed antibiotic cover as well as pain-relief, the damage a result of fighting. The badger was otherwise very fit, a stocky, muscular male which looked quite bear-like hence the name given by his carer – Rupert. After a month in care, Rupert was fit enough to return home and be released.