The RSPCA had collected an RTA badger casualty from Treluswell and taken it to CVETS at Truro for treatment and we agreed to take it into care. The badger was a young adult male and had suffered head trauma, with snout and mouth damage plus badly grazed legs, probably from being dragged along by the vehicle. Luckily no bones had been broken so after receiving pain- relief and antibiotics, plus much needed flea control, we could transport him to the barn and get him settled in a clean, comfortable pen. It took a few days for Boy George to regain an appetite as his face must have been sore, but before long he had bounced back . One of the lucky ones that survive road traffic accidents. Boy George was returned and released late in the evening on April 8th on a badger run near to where he had been picked up. He trundled away into the night and quietly disappeared.