Several reports of a fox in Penzance were received, behaving almost ‘tame’, allowing people to approach closely and seemingly unafraid. It was cornered and taken to the Regents Court Vets where we could collect it. On exam the fox was found to be a young vixen in quite poor bodily condition, it seemed her tameness was due to weakness rather than docility. It was decided to monitor her in care, if any problems developed to be dealt with, but hopefully food and rest were all that she needed to recover. This proved to be the case and after a week in care was fit enough to be moved into the outdoor fox enclosure. Usually, adult animals would be released at their home ground once recovered. As Amber had struggled to cope in town, it was decided to ‘soft’ release her from the enclosure as she seemed happy there. Food would be provided and the pen door left open allowing her to come and go as she pleased until she had the confidence to return to a life in the wild.