A late night call came in from Mike, a volunteer in the St. Austell area, who had responded to a report of an injured badger in St. Dennis.

The badger was still alive and we arranged to meet at the CVETS practise at Truro. Under sedation, the badger was found to have head injuries consistent with being an RTA he was very bruised with a grazed chin and had bitten his tongue. Treated with pain – relief and given covering antibiotics, the sedation was reversed then we were able to transport him to the barn after thanking Mike for his help.

Solo made steady improvement and was soon eating well as his sore tongue healed.

On the 5th.Feb. Solo was taken back to St.Dennis where Mike was able to meet us and show us the spot where he had found the badger. Without a backward glance, Solo slipped out of the carry basket and disappeared into the night back to his life in the wild.