A concerned caller phoned after finding a badger cub on his lawn . It seemed to be struggling to walk , staggering in circles and dragging a hind leg. Fearing it had broken the leg, the caller managed to contain the cub in a cat carrier.

On arrival, the casualty was transferred into a more suitable basket and was brought to the vets at St. Ives where she was examined under sedation. No obvious damage or broken bones were found leaving the possibility of neurological reasons for the mobility problem.

Pansy was otherwise in good condition and was brought home to monitor her progress. It took two days for Pansy to begin eating although she had been drinking, and in the meantime a swelling had erupted over the bridge of her nose. This suggested a blow to the head and as she was found in a garden next to a field of grazing cattle, we suspected she may have received a kick from a cow.

Once her appetite returned she began to recover quickly, the circling movements ceased and she could walk normally, the swollen face also settled quickly.