We received a call for help from a concerned lady at St. Issey.

She had seen a badger that had been taking advantage of food intended for local feral cats. The badger had now taken up residence in an outbuilding but was no longer feeding. We asked if the door could be closed, so confining the badger, until we could get there to assess if there was a problem. Once on scene, it became clear that the badger had an injury on the rump, so he was quickly caged and taken back to the vets at St.Ives for treatment.

Under sedation the wound was found to be very nasty indeed. It was caused by a bite that had become contaminated with bedding from the shed where he had been hiding and was harbouring a deep infection which would have probably proved fatal if he had not been found and treated.

Issey was given pain-relief and antibiotic cover and spent five weeks recouperating, then once completely healed Issey was able to be returned to his home and be released on the 31st May.