A call came from the Clifton Villa vets at Newquay regarding two badger casualties that had arrived overnight.

The first was a small cub that had fallen into a trench on a building site at the Royal Naval fuel depot at Torpoint. He had become mired and was unable to climb out but, as his mother stood her ground on guard duty, the finder dared not try to help. Once again, the RSPCA came to the rescue but,as Mum had left the scene,it seemed safer to take the cub into care as he was by now very chilled and shivery. After being warmed up at the vets and a nights rest, we were able to go and collect him.

Diesel was about 10 weeks old and quickly settled in a cosy bed and was soon tucking into his food.

The second badger remained in at the vets, it was an RTA case that needed to respond to further treatment.