We collected a young badger from the Venton Centre at St.Columb,which had been rescued the previous evening from the Blow Hole at Trevone Head, Padstow.

The cub had been spotted by keen-eyed tourists visiting the site and the RSPCA responded to assist in retrieving the poor creature which was unable to scale the steep sides to escape the high tide. After a night of rest at the Centre ‘B.J’ (base jumper!) had a check up from the vet which found the hind legs were stiff and sore from the tumble down the cliff and a flea infestation that was easily treated. One lucky escape!

B.J. proved to be a happy little badger, very fond of his food and especially custard cream biscuits as a treat. He soon recovered from the fall and was able to undergo the necessary blood test for BovineTb plus faecal checks for possible parasites. All the tests came back with NEGATIVE results and we could make the arrangements to transfer him to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset where his rehabilitation towards a life back in the wild would continue. On May 22nd. we rendezvoused at Launceston with a Secret World volunteer driver who would transport B.J. to their facilities.